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Baby Protection Headrest Pillow

Color: Gray

Give Your Baby The Ultimate Protection & A Little Rest With This Cloud-like Baby Protection Headrest Pillow!

Afraid of your baby’s injury while learning to walk, or playing? Now kick out the tensions with this Baby Protection Headrest Pillow! The headrest pillow not only gives your Lil one the ultimate protection but also provide a cushy sleep to your baby. Put a smile on your baby’s face with this winged headrest pillow!


  • HIGHEST PROTECTION: Babies are easy to fall, hurt their heads and shoulders when learning walking, running, and crawling. This adorable small bee protector will help you protect your kids. The pillow covers your baby’s entire head and backside that protects your baby while falling. You don’t need to touch your baby’s head to put on this pillow.

  • CUTE & COZY PILLOW: With its unique design, and charming appearance, make your baby a bright spot anywhere, anytime. This baby elephant headrest is soft and comfortable. It has an active decorative function too. This headrest can be used as a child’s bed partner, pillow of the sofa or cushion of the chair.

  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP: The shoulder straps can be adjusted flexibility as your baby’s size. With the flexible strap, your Lil one feels comfortable and snuggly every time. Shoulder and chest belts conform to the baby’s different size and free to walk, crawl and run.

  • VERSATILE USAGE: Not only can you use it as a headrest, but you can also use it as a head support pillow when the baby learns to walk — also, a toy for the baby with its cute appearance. And, accompany your baby to have a deep sleep at night.

  • ADORABLE DESIGN: Vivid color and the cute design can catch anybody’s eyes whenever your baby wears this headrest. The sweet cartoon head and wings give your baby an attractive look.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT DESIGN: The soft and lightweight material does not put any pressure on your baby’s shoulder. Your baby will just love this fantastic pillow.