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Fishing Line Winder Spooler


Load Your Fishing Line Like a Pro With The Fishing Line Winder Spooler

Sometimes, theres no one around to help you, or its uncomfortable to use something like pencils to load your spool while fishing. Thats when the Fishing Line Spooler comes handy. Youll be blown away by how easy it is to load your reel with this. Solo spooling is the easiest part of finishing with this device. Its the gadget every fishermans needs!

You dont need a pencil anymore. This amazing device allows you to easily spool and rotate simultaneously, ensuring no undesirable entanglements happen to produce a firm and steady line, ready for the big catch!

Engineered to work perfectly with wide or narrow spools and on any kind of rod! Our device makes prepping the rod simper so you can spend your day fishing, not working!


  • CONVENIENT: If you are too tired of spooling the line by hand, which from experience it tangles, line slips loose, etc. Line Winder keeps the track in the spool to your reel professionally! A high strength frame can be easily disassembled. Its easy to take and more convenient.

  • PROMINENT MULTI-PURPOSE: Assembling with the sucker, you can spool on a smooth surface, such as glass, tiled floor, cam surface, etc. Assembling with the rod clip, then you can directly spool the reel on your rod to spend less time on winding action. 

  • FISHERMAN'S DELIGHT: The spooling technology allows your reel and spool simultaneously preventing tangling and looseness to keep the line steady!

  • WORK WITH WIDE & NARROW SPOOLS: The maximum width of the spools can be more significant, the clamping range is flexible. Adaptable to a spinning reel, baitcasting reel, and round trolling reel, etc.

  • PORTABILITY & ENDURANCE: Fishing Line Spooler is made of an active braided fishing line that is lighter weight and durable. Easy to install, and you can carry it everywhere to spool fishing line by yourself.

  • VERSATILE FOR BOTH THICK & THIN RODS: The line spooler clamp can hold the rod blank in diameter. So, its adaptable for both thick and thin rods!