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Gluteflex Strength Training Bands

Color: Mixed

Shape a fine booty with Gluteflex

Toning your glutes will never get easier. Gluteflex is a multifunctional exercise band designed for high and low-intensity resistance training. To shape and sculpt those glutes to perfection.

Great for beginners who want to get in shape or pros looking for a tough workout. You decide how much resistance will be used.

Fully adjustable and various resistance that's challenging for all different levels. Giving anyone no matter what level you are at a challenging yet awesome workout.

The best part about these bands is you can use them anywhere. Whether you're at the gym, in the house, or even at the park, we've got you covered.

Toning your body just got a whole lot easier. With Gluteflex you can shape your desired physique wherever you are.

Key benefits

Various uses- Perform various exercises and condition every muscle around the body. Not only you can use them to tone your legs but you can also use this on your upper body for a more well rounded and defined body.

Tones & Shapes- Your whole entire body from top to bottom. Giving anyone from all levels a challenging workout and still see great results

Simple and effective- For anyone to get a workout without having to work out for hours. Allowing you to get a short yet intense workout.

Material: latex mesh

Product specifications:

S code circumference lake blue 76*8cm (different tensile strength of the same specification) Weak Weight: 110g

M code circumference pink 76*8cm (different tension in the same specification) Medium Weight: 125g

L code circumference purple 76*8cm (different tensile strength of the same specification) Strong Weight: 154g