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JugJuicer - Fruit Juice Squeezer


Make Juice Out Of Anything With JugJuicer!

This spacious juicer allows you to turn whole fruits into fresh and healthy drinks in no time.

Easy to puree and blend juices in just two easy steps simply push and press and just like that you have juice in second. So you can always get your daily vitamin intake with ease

Made from sturdy materials for heavy-duty and ergonomic handles for stability, you can easily squash any fruits and veggies into juice into seconds.

 If you're looking for a more convenient & easy way to enjoy healthy drinks without breaking the bank then this is the product for you. Giving you all the vitamins and minerals you need without breaking the bank.

Key benefits

Healthy & Convenient- Allowing you to taste the original flavor of every fruit without having to constantly go out and pay for a health drink. so you can make healthy drinks in the comfort of your own home.

Easily cleanable- Save time and effort, you can wash it thoroughly in seconds and doesn't leave behind any residue or odors.

Convenient design- Put maximum pressure with little effort with so you can get all the juice. So you can enjoy every drop without leaving anything behind.